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Our Services

Personal and Health Care

Getting Up, Going to Bed, Moving and Transferring

Washing, Bathing, Hair Care, Denture, Mouth Care and Shaving

Dressing and Undressing

Skin care; But Not Tending Broken or Inflamed Skin

Assisting with Appliances such as Hearing Aids

Changing Catheter Bags and Emptying Commodes

Continence Care

Assistance with Prescribed Medication, Creams, Ear Drops and Eye Drops

Prompting to Take Prescribed Medication/Assist with Prescribed Medication

Monitoring Prescriptions and Assisting with the Collection of Medicines

Providing Information and Assisting Access to Opticians, Dentists and GPs

Supporting Access to Well Being and Fitness Activities and Services

Domestic Support

Bed Making and Changing Linen

General Domestic leaning, Such as Tidying Up, Washing and Ironing

Dealing with Refuse, Including Recycling

Money and Shopping

Preparation of Shopping Lists

Bill Paying, Collection of Pensions and Banking

Budgeting, Claiming Benefits and Recording Expenditure

Accompanying You to Shops

Undertaking Shopping on your Behalf

Personal Correspondence

Food and nutrition

Preparing Food and Drink

Helping to Fulfill Preferred or Required Dietary Needs

Eating and Drinking

Managing Food Stores (e.g. Monitoring Use-by Dates)

Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene and Washing Up

Supporting Access to Dietitians or Nutritionists where Required

Social Activities

Visiting Friends

Attending Clubs or Social Events.

None Essential Shopping Trips (Clothing, Household etc.)

Assistance to and from Organised Trips

G.P. and Hospital Appointments


Cost for a private package of care is £23 per hour for all calls.

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